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About us

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We are Francesca and Francesco and in addition to the name we share a passion for travel.

We both moved to Berlin for work in 2014 at different times of the year, we met here and haven’t been separated since then. Both our studies and our work experience are connected to the world of tourism. This, together with our strong shared passion, has brought us to where we are today.

About us - Our dream: to discover the whole world

For us the journey begins already during the organizational phase. From the moment we start thinking about our next destination until, back home, we see the photos and videos and, when possible, write a short report to relive the experience.

Therefore, organizing a trip is something that already throws us into it. This is where the discovery begins! Studying the destinations, learning their cultures and discovering the world through our computer allows us to dream before we leave and this enriches our spirit.

The world is so boundless that a lifetime is not enough to visit every corner of it.

However, our aim is to get as close as possible to the realization of this dream.

Now let’s introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about us!


Chi siamo


Passionate about travel, music, cinema, art and foreign languages (besides Italian I speak fluent English and German), I accompany tourists from all over the world around Berlin. In my spare time I love playing the piano and, of course, planning my next trip. I am a dynamic person who likes to face life with irony and lightheartedness. When I start a project, it takes me all the time to get it through to the end. Traveling and planning trips makes me happy and I decided to turn my passion into my job.


Passionate about technology and photography, I’m an incurable nerd with my mind always on my next trip (and the new gadget to bring with). I love cooking and discovering new recipes around the world, which I try to recreate at home. I live life with irony, even when it’s not too much the case, and I am a great dreamer. During my travels I love to photograph what I see from various angles and after each trip I spend my free time processing photos and videos to keep my memories alive forever.

Chi siamo

About us - Our idea: how Cicer1travel was born was born from the awareness that organizing a trip in all its aspects can be complicated and time consuming. That’s why, with our travel consultancy and travel design business, we’d like to give you all the means possible to create your own tailor-made and personalised trip and to make the most of it.

Our idea is to guide you in the creation of your itinerary from A to Z, adapting every aspect of it according to your preferences, needs, budget and any other feature.

In doing so, we give you two choices

On the one hand, through our travel tips and proposals, we provide you with the means to create your own trip, thanks also to the section dedicated to DIY. Here you can find grouped sites recommended by us to book every aspect of your trip: flight, accommodation, insurance, car rental, tour, ship, bus, train and parking. In this way you can be inspired to create every aspect of your trip in complete autonomy. Plus you’ll have everything you need to book in one place, which will save you a lot of time!

On the other hand you have the possibility to ask for our consultancy during the creative phase. This way, you can entrust us with the personalized organization of your trip. We will follow you step by step before, during and after your trip if you need it.

In summary, in both cases your trip will be tailor-made for you and according to your tastes.

The only difference is whether you decide to do it yourself or with the help of an expert.

You can always count on us to create your trip

Either way, you’re not going to do it all by yourself. Thanks to our advice and suggestions, the creation of your trip will be guided and facilitated. Moreover, if you want, you have the possibility to ask for advice and arrange phone calls, chat and video calls to discuss the details during the preparation.

To find out more about us and how the booking process works with us, please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

About us: we can be your travel designers if you want!

You won’t have to adapt to the ready-made journey, but it will be the experience itself that will be built around you. The journey will therefore be created according to your style, your time and your way of experiencing the journey.

We’ll guide you through the booking.

In the meantime, get inspiration from our travel proposals divided by categories and countries!

After helping you with the organization and before you leave, you will receive an interactive map and a digital travel guide prepared by us. This can facilitate your movements a lot during your trip.

Instead, if you prefer to organize everything independently and the trip you want to make is not yet present among our proposals, in our page Create your trip you have the opportunity to do it quickly and easily, having what you need in one place.

Even if you book autonomously, if you need assistance or further information do not hesitate to contact us!
We also offer a photo and video editing service for your holiday. For more information click here.
Are you ready to discover the world with us?

We can't wait to be your CicerOne!


Your trip will be unique, tailor-made and made just for you.


We do what we love, we put passion and expertise into it

No panic

We provide you with the means to travel informed and without getting lost


With our articles and travel proposals we inspire you for your next destination


We edit photos and videos that will remind you forever of your trip


We give you the necessary to be able to book with a few clicks your DIY trip

We almost forgot to introduce to you our Mascotte!

floki jack russell - la nostra mascotte - cagnolino - little dog


My name is Floki, I’m their Mascotte and with my sweet eyes I can always get the better of them, even if I’m always making trouble. I can never stay still and I want to play from morning to night. I love it when they take me running free in the park or travelling with them. I have discovered a trick to make them take me with them often: when they leave me alone I start crying as if there is no tomorrow. So next time they think twice…