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Festivals in Irpinia: dates and events

The period full of festivals and summer events that take place all over the province of Avellino in Irpinia has already begun. It’s plenty of choice for those who want to spend time together eating good food, drinking wine, attending concerts and live shows and dancing in the squares. Gastronomy, folklore, music, culture and local promotion are the key words of these events that, from spring to autumn, crowd Irpinia.

As every year, the Municipalities, the Provinces, the Pro Loco and Associations organize the various events and gastronomic fairs, better known as “sagre” (festivals).

But what are these festivals and when can you go? Let’s see together the most important events of 2019 on the whole territory of Irpinia starting from June.

Caciocavallo Impiccato (hanged) in Banzano di Montoro

Between 8 and 9 June in Banzano di Montoro there is the night of the fountains, where folklore, popular music and gastronomy are mixed. In addition to the typical Caciocavallo Impiccato (a delicious typical cheese that hangs from a rope on a grill), among the dishes there are grilled meat, sausage with porcini mushroom cream, dishes based on beans, sandwich with schiacciata di maiale (smashed pork) and much more.

Endive Festival in Santa Lucia di Serino

On 11th June the Sagra delle Scarole (Endive Festival) returns in its 23rd edition. In addition to attending musical moments, here you can try pizza with endive and tasty kebabs, all accompanied by good Aglianico wine.

Pizza Fest in San Sossio Baronia

The Pizza Festival is back in its 5th edition, which will take place on June 13th in San Sossio Baronia on the occasion of the celebrations in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Festival of Trofie with Radicchio and Porcini Mushrooms and Gnocchi alla Borgense in Montoro

On the occasion of this event, from June 14th to 16th, you will be able to enjoy the rhythm of live music and taste Montoro’s delicacies.

Un tour aboard Irpinia Express in the Kingdom of Taurasi

On June 16th you can take a trip on a historic train to Taurasi, the land of red wine that is the symbol of Irpinia. You will be able to taste an aperitif in the secular vineyards, have lunch in the ancient Castle and visit one of the most fascinating medieval villages of Irpinia. Contact us if you want more information!

Sapori Antichi (Ancient flavors) in Torella dei Lombardi

In the land of Sergio Leone, Torella dei Lombardi, “Sapori Antichi: from Wild West to Irpinia” is staged from June 28th to 30th. A weekend in the sign of the west, discovering traditions of local cuisine, on a journey through the historic center of the birthplace of the famous western director.

Festival of Fusillo and Pezzente in Montefredane

From June 28th to 30th there is another unmissable event, the Festival of Montefredane, dedicated to two cult dishes of Irpinia: Fusilli and Pezzente, that is a type of pork sausage. Good food will be accompanied by the music of local groups.

Food Festival Irpinia Mood in Avellino

Also from June 28th to 30th there will be, along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele of Avellino, the Food Festival, where food and wine excellences of the territory will be at the center of attention.

Sera Passaie… in Forino.

From July 5th to 7th the 14th edition of “Sera Passaie… in Forino” will take place, where food and wine and tradition are mixed. In addition to offering different shows and exhibitions, the event offers the opportunity to learn about the area and its typical food and wine.

Feast of Porcini mushroom in Parco del Sole – San Eustachio di Montoro

Also from 5th to 7th July you can take part in the Porcini mushroom festival in the Montorese, an event full of opportunities to have fun and enjoy good food. All enlivened by good live music.

“Assettate addo vuò” in Manocalzati

Literally “sit where you want” in Manocalzati, the event will take place from 19th to 21st July in 3 evenings dedicated to gastronomy and relaxation. As the name suggests, it’s almost an invitation to discover the Irpinia village with very slow rhythms and take it easy.

Fiano Love Fest in Lapio

Like every year, the festival of the famous white Irpino DOCG wine returns from 3rd to 5th August, with tastings of the various wineries and lots of good music in company.

Solearte in Santo Stefano del Sole

From 17th to 18th August there will be 2 days dedicated to cooking, art and crafts, with the tasting of good local recipes and the rediscovery of ancient craftsmanship in the alleys of the historic center of Santo Stefano del Sole.

Sponz Fest in Calitri

From August 19th to 25th one of the most awaited events will be held throughout the province, the Sponz Fest in Calitri in its 7th edition. Initially started as a wedding festival, an opportunity to create community, the event has become increasingly linked to the themes of the relationship with the territory and the encounter with other cultures. The Sponz Fest takes place under the artistic direction of the singer-songwriter and poet Vinicio Capossela.

These are only a part of the many summer events around the province. For some of these the official dates have not yet been announced, so updates of the article will follow.

To these will be added then the various autumn festivals, including those of the chestnut in Montella and Bagnoli Irpino between October and November.

The festivals are a great way to let visitors (but also the local people themselves) learn about ancient traditions and territories outside the classic tourist routes. What better occasion to spend time in good company, eating good local food accompanied by excellent wines and listening to live music?

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