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Low-cost trips for August 2019

Everybody likes traveling, but there is always a big problem: the economic side. Obviously, if you are among the few lucky ones to have an unlimited budget, you can go wherever you want and as much as you want. But most of us have to deal with the wallet. Luckily, low cost trips that allow us to travel take a break from the stress of everyday life, relax, but without spending too much, come to rescue us. Here are some tips for low-cost destinations for August 2019, five in Italy and five in the world.

Low cost trips for August 2019 in Italy

  1. Salento (Puglia): not all areas of Salento are really cheap, but if you look hard you can go on low cost trips here too. The areas of Torre San Giovanni, Capulungo or Alliste cost a little less than Porto Cesareo or Santa Maria di Leuca, but nothing prevents you from sleeping in areas that are a bit cheaper and then travel by car to visit the rest of the place .

    Salento – Image by fiammingo from Pixabay
  2. Linosa: do you want to go to one of the Sicilian islands, but without spending too much? Then you could opt for Linosa, in the Pelagie. Without taking anything away from the most famous Favignana, Panarea, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Lipari or Vulcano, in Linosa you won’t spend too much and you can visit the “Linosa and Lampione islands” nature reserve. Read also Linosa: a small oasis amid the sea.

  3. Aprica: if you love the mountains, you have to go to Aprica, in Lombardy. Destination particularly suitable for families, it’s not excessively expensive compared to other similar destinations.

    Aprica – Valtellina
  4. Alba Adriatica: in Abruzzo you can’t miss one of the seven sisters, Alba Adriatica, with its silver beach. This destination is also suitable for families with children.

    Alba Adriatica – Silver beach
  5. Numana and Sirolo: far from the chaos of the Rimini and Riccione beaches, it’s enough to go from Emilia-Romagna to the Marche to find numerous beaches ideal for all kinds of holidays. Beyond Sirolo we also have Pesaro, Gabicce Mare, Fiorenzuonala di Focara (one of the best beaches in Europe in 2019), Fano, Marotta, Senigallia (the velvet beach), the already mentioned Numana and Sirolo, up to Porto San Giorgio, Porto Sant’Elpidio and San Benedetto del Tronto (with the palm-lined promenade). Destinations a little less expensive than the more famous Rimini and Riccione, but which have much to offer.

    Sirolo – Monte Conero Beach

Low cost trips for August 2019 in the world

  1. Macedonia: Greece in general is not among the most expensive destinations in the world, and it has much to offer. Of course, in August the prices are a little more expensive. However, if you go to Macedonia you will discover Ohrid with its ancient lake, Kaneo with the church of St. John in Byzantine style and the church of St. Sophia.
    Ocrida – Macedonia – Image by Zdravko Markovic from Pixabay


  2. Albania: among the countries to be discovered for sure we have Albania. Not too expensive yet, here you can admire the Castle of Rozafa, the Syri i Kaltërm karst spring, without forgetting Tirana with Piazza Scanderbeg, the Llogara National Park and Mount Dajt.
    Albania – Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


  3. Malta: why not a trip to Malta? It’s not too far away, you won’t have to take long flights or ship journeys that never end and, with a little foresight, you will not spend too much. In Malta, remember to visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the famous Barrakka Gardens, the Cave of Għar Dalam, the Roman House, the Blue Grotto and the island of Gozo. The important thing in high season is to avoid the most famous beaches, full of tourists, and move slightly further.
    Popeye Village – Malta – Image by Magdalena Smolnicka from Pixabay


  4. Bulgaria: Bulgaria is also an excellent low-cost destination. From the capital Sofia you can move to less crowded areas and visit Veliko Tarnovo, the ancient capital, the UNESCO heritage city of Nesebǎr, the numerous monasteries scattered here and there or just stroll along the beautiful southern Black Sea coast and less crowded with tourists. Also read: Bulgaria, the low-cost destination of 2019
    Belogradchik – Bulgaria – Image by Arvid Olson from Pixabay


  5. Hungary: if Princess Sissi loved it so much, there must be a reason. Hungary will surprise you: Budapest, the many castles, Lake Balaton or that little gem made up of alleys, small squares and churches which is the city of Pécs

    Budapest – Image by cristalmorando from Pixabay

If you want to plan a trip to one of these places, contact us and request a free quote, or visit the travel inspiration section to discover other destinations for your next trip!

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